-Twelve Clothing’s privacy policy applies to personal information we collect from our customers through our website (twelvebd.com) and at stores across Bangladesh. This policy outlines the information we collect about customers; how we use, disclose and otherwise manage this information.Ensuring the privacy of your personal information is of utmost priority to us.

We collect personal information when you-

  • • Purchase, order, return or exchange products and accessories
  • • Register on our website
  • • Track your order through our website
  • • Sign up for our blog/newsletter
  • • Participate in our web surveys
  • • Contact us with a question or complaint and when you review a product in our website

- You do not have to provide us with any personal information when you make cash purchases at our stores. However, if you use a credit or debit card for your purchases, we will collect your card-related information and your signature in order to process your payment. We may also collect your suggestions, complaints or enquiries through emails or complaint/suggestion forms.

We store the basic information you provide in the online registration of our website as a customer. We also store our own website page browsing history and purchase history of a registered customer in order for our sales team to track their orders.

We only collect basic information about you like Full name, cell phone Number, Email Address and Delivery Address when we receive orders through our Facebook page messenger and Instagram Direct Messages.